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LifeBook autobiography experience

The Royal British Legion, in partnership with bespoke autography specialists LifeBook, is proud to announce a special new service to commemorate the centenary of the First World War. You can now capture your family stories across generations, whether directly involved in the conflict or not.

Your story in print

The Royal British Legion will receive £500 for each LifeBook ordered; full pricing and process can be found on www.lifebookuk.com

We all have personal memories and stories important and formative to our lives: childhood adventures, family experiences and rewarding careers each add to the narrative.

Through weekly face-to-face interviews, LifeBook can transform your words and photographs into five beautifully illustrated copies of your own personal autobiography; rediscover the stories and experiences that have shaped your life and create a lasting memory to share with family and friends.


The Process

The author will enjoy weekly face-to-face interviews over three months*, in which the interviewer records all of the sessions and helps to select photographs.

Recordings from the interviews are professionally written in the true voice of the author, who will receive regular updates and the opportunity to review their story as it develops.

Upon completion, the autobiography will be printed and bound into five beautiful hardback books - the finished autobiography can contain up to 160 pages.

*There will be 12 meetings in total, including the interviews, reviews of book progress and one final edit meeting.

The author will receive a welcome gift pack, including a book explaining the project and a LifeBook Journal to compile thoughts, stories and ideas they may wish to include in their autobiography.

Upon completion, the author will receive five copies of their LifeBook, each handcrafted, linen covered and presented in individual gift boxes.

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