Battle of Britain: own a piece of WW2 history

The 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain takes place on 15 September 2015 and to celebrate this important date The Royal British Legion has released a limited edition Spitfire Cufflinks set actually made of rare original Duralumin removed from Spitfire P7350 during her renovation.

The P7350 is the only Spitfire still flying today with a genuine Battle of Britain combat history.


Battle of Britain 75th anniversary cufflinks, made from pieces extracted from Spitfire P7350

Flight Lieutenant Antony Parkinson, a serving RAF officer, explains "This particular plane is known as the P7 (short for P7350) and its amazing how much we know about her. In October 1940 she was flying with 603 Squadron out of Hornchurch  to the east of London, an 11 Group airfield right at the heart of the Battle of Britain. And that autumn, she was shot down - the pilot, a Pole called Ludwig Martel, made a forced landing, but it must have been a good one because the maintenance units loaded her onto a truck, took her away and had her back in the air a few weeks later!"

She fought throughout the battle, she has 'kills' to her name, she even has bulletholes still in her skin that have been repaired. She spent some time in a museum after the war, went on to star in the film, The Battle of Britain, because she was an original battle Spitfire, and we've flown her ever since with the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF). 

Order your own Spitfire P7350 cufflinks from the Legion's online Poppy shop today

Flight Lieutenant Antony Parkinson with the Spitfire P7350

It's always a special experience whenever I fly any of these fighter aircraft - but there's something even more special about P7, because you're so aware of the history you're strapping yourself into. She's an amazing and unique aircraft. Flight Lieutenant Antony Parkinson

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