Poppy Rocks

The Cathedral Schools Association joined our Thank You movement as one of our partners, and the Hereford Cathedral Junior School embarked on a project to say Thank You to each of their 435 former pupils who went on to fight in the First World War.  “We wanted to ensure that we marked the centenary this year and remembered those who fought from Herefordshire, and especially those from our school,” says Chris Wright, Junior School Head. “When we were approached by the Legion it seemed like an incredible idea and movement to be part of.”

Each child was given their own rock to decorate as a personal message of thanks to one of the pupils from the First World War generation. The finished artworks went on to be distributed far and wide before all but 75 were returned to the school, representing the 75 pupils who did not return from the front. “We hope that the children and indeed our whole school community will come to understand how it must have been for those who waved their loved ones off to war,” adds Chris, “and waited at home for them to return.”