2018 Lord Mayors Show parade: Shaping Tomorrow’s City Today

Huge crowds turned out for the Lord Mayors Show parade on Saturday 10 November, which carried the theme of 'Shaping Tomorrow's City Today', focusing on technical innovation, digital inclusion and championing London’s youth community to be ‘future-ready'.

This year's theme tied in perfectly with The Royal British Legion’s Thank You movement which celebrated the many important technological and social innovations that emerged from the First World War, and which still play a role in our everyday lives 100 years later.

These innovations were represented on our float by Cadet’s from the 26 Cadet Detachment, The Lifeguards, each dressed in costumes from either the 1918 era or modern day, demonstrating how London and the UK has changed in the century since the end of WWI.

One costume pairing chosen to reflect these changes included a 1918 Suffragette complete with a ‘Votes for Women’ sign whose counterpart was a modern feminist holding a sign reading ‘Equality through Unity’. These costumes highlighted the progression in women’s rights over the past 100 years, whilst acknowledging that the fight for equality will remain an important part of London’s future.

The Thank You movement has also highlighted the changes and progression in London over the past 100 years by emphasising the contribution of the Commonwealth in the First World War. Over 1 million soldiers from India and South East Asia fought alongside British soldiers in the war as well as countless individuals from across commonwealth countries including Africa, Australia, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand and the West Indies. For many of those individuals it would have been the first time they had ever set foot in Europe, so today we can celebrate London’s rich multiculturalism and inclusivity by remembering and thanking everyone who gave their lives and livelihoods to protect our freedom. Amongst those taking part in the parade were Cadet Remesh Lohia who dressed as a WW1 Sikh Soldier. 

© Photos by Zin Aung