75th anniversary of D-Day

75 years ago, on the 6 June, 1944, the largest seaborne invasion force in history set sail for France on a mission to liberate Europe. Each man carried a pack, a rifle, and the world’s hopes for freedom.

If they didn’t succeed at this crucial point during World War II, Hitler would have the chance to mount a last-minute effort to save Germany – launching his new V-weapons against British cities. This day would go down in history as D-Day.

The Royal British Legion is marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day by taking veterans to Normandy for a series of special events.  During their visit, they will have the opportunity to see a display of messages, proudly standing on the very sand where many British soldiers fought and fell 75 years ago.

Will you join us in honouring the heroes of D-day?

Please write a message to our D-Day heroes, to be displayed on the beach in Normandy.  You can also choose to include a donation to help Service people, veterans and their families today.

How your donations help

Your donations really do change lives.

Take Rob for example, a former Royal Marine Commando who was medically discharged and struggled to return to civilian life. To make matters worse, traumatic events during his service meant that he had developed PTSD. The Legion represented Rob at his tribunal to gain his MOD compensation and war pension, giving the father of two some financial security. We also directed him to Combat Stress to provide counselling, and helped with his transition to civilian life.

Rob says: “I found it very hard to find my place back in the civilian world, but the Legion supported me mentally and financially. Having their support was amazing as it took a lot of the stress away.”